KababFPV baby tooth zeez 1s AIO

By attackthedefault on Aug 21, 2020

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kaimikala   Sep 24, 2020  

So are those individual ESC's running to each motor?
Why do this when the zeez board has them already?

been thinking about putting some of those Video antenna on my 1s tp just wasnt sure if the weight was worth the change. im down in the 38g range.

attackthedefault   Sep 30, 2020 

The esc looking parts are just race wire just to look fancy mostly. Sadly I had an issue with horrible video noise on this build and it's just been sitting on the shelf since probably wont update with a video since most people seem to be doing fine don't want to be unfair sorry .

kaimikala   Oct 01, 2020 

i would try to take those escs off and i havnt been using a capicator on 1s, not sure if that could be adding any interference but your wiring looks like the same on the same vtx i have one 1 build.

00jferna   Sep 02, 2020  

Does the cap on battery lead make much difference in video quality?

attackthedefault   Sep 12, 2020 

not really sure just had it laying around so i used

DPJ   Aug 24, 2020  

Great build, but whats with the solid wires? Are they insulated at all?

Rice_Bowl   Aug 25, 2020 

i think the green coating on it is actually the insulation. Though I heard its not as easy to solder coated wires vs silicone ones.

DPJ   Aug 25, 2020 

To be honest, i'd be panicked about them contacting each other and causing a massive short :O

LowDash   Aug 27, 2020 

It's enameled wire. It won't short even when they're "touching" because of the coating. It's the same stuff that's used on quad motors. All that wire around the stator isn't actually contacting itself at all.

QCumberCool   Aug 22, 2020  

i want to see how this thing flies! great job!

attackthedefault   Aug 22, 2020 

Thanks I just finished it last night so haven't had a chance to do a test flight yet but once I get it tuned I'll do at least one DVR recording and post it up on YouTube and add a link

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