By richrd on Aug 21, 2020

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Trying out the RCINPOWER WASPS on this build. 2020kv that should be suited for 4-6s with motor limit set when 6s is detected.

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Arm protectors, VISTA mount, and arm wire holders were all added to THINGIVERSE after being designed along with this build.

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Etape looks cheap, comes unstuck. The TPU prints can be sealed with a soldering iron and do a great job of holding wires in place.

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With the VISTA being 20x20 m2 mounting, and the AirShots assembly bolts, which double up as mounting bolts, being M3, a print was ideal to keep the unit in place without using double sided tape or zipties. (there is only one ziptie on this whole build). The print sits over the frames pressnuts, and has its own installed to attach to the frame. A later mod added a groove to run the wires back under the unit to the FC.

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All built up, and all electronics in a row and easily serviceable.

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neilfpv   Feb 01, 2021  

That is awesome! I'm having a hard time deciding between rcinpower gts-v2 2207 1860kv vs rcinpower wasp 1860kv motors. Why would someone pick gts-v2? Will it just because of color preference?

DadFPV   Sep 07, 2020  

That is a super clean looking build! Awesome work on the custom TPU parts. For the wire holders, do you have to make contact with the soldering iron to the TPU to seal them? Thanks.

richrd   Sep 09, 2020 

thank you! yes there is a split in the design that you then seal with an iron after installing them. Works like a charm! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4578750

maricard   Sep 03, 2020  

How you like those new Rcinpower motors?

richrd   Sep 05, 2020 

solid! always liked their quality and durability.

devve2kcc   Aug 28, 2020  

hii, what is the weight of the all build?

richrd   Aug 28, 2020 

around 425g with props (no battery or gopro)

devve2kcc   Aug 28, 2020 

and with gopro, and battery?

richrd   Aug 29, 2020 

will depend as this frame is designed to carry a range of batteries.... 4s 2250 is 245g, 5s 1250 is 175g, and a 6s 1250 is 210g. Hero cam is around 130, and I think a session is 75g. so you can be adding anywhere from 250 to 380g. hope that helps!

afivo   Aug 24, 2020  

I love the hyperlow frames man but i still prefer the looks on the rs+ and cg. This quad looks more like a utility quad thats able to do all the things in a drone.

richrd   Aug 25, 2020 

well summarized! that was the intent behind the design. the RS+ and CG are great compact freestyle rippers, but for digital, and commercial filming the AirShot gives a more accommodating platform for anything you want to throw in it, on top of it, or mount on it. off course it rips great for free too.

afivo   Aug 25, 2020 

Always loved your frames man, any plans to rework a CG V2 or RS++ ? :P

richrd   Aug 27, 2020 

thank you! the AirShot is pretty much the CG v2. Fits all the latest components with the same, but updated design approach. The CG as it is still a solid freestyle platform imo. Theres not really much I would do to change anything to warrant an update. The RS+ is a minimalist design, so the only thing I could do to that was EXtend it to fit DJI. Working on some new camera mounting systems though - mainly for the AirShot but will of course be compatible with the rest of the frames. Happy flying!!

bigtuni   Aug 23, 2020  

Nice one Richard. Still sticking to my Vert 1 though for now...............waiting for Fatshark to release their HD-transmitting system, then I might reconsider.

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