Geebus the 6s DJI HD Glide

By Weenis on Aug 25, 2020

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Say hello to Geebus the Glide! My very first build!!

My thoughts and intentions for this build was to be within 580-620 grams while running a Gopro Hero 7 Black and to fly freestyle. I wanted to keep it snappy and responsive but also have some weight to throw around. Also being in Southern Caifornia, I needed it to hold its line against wind.

The hardest part about this build was finding a way to mount a full sized Dji air unit. One option was to mount the AU on the back, but there no good mounting options as it would require double sided tape to hold doen the AU. I wasnt a fan, so after a couple of weeks of searching I came across a fellow hobbyist who came up with a center mount for the air unit that ised 30x30 mounting pattern, however, you will need 30mm standoffs to get the proper clearance since the ESC is going underneath the AU.

Once I received the mount, I started mounting my ESC to the frame. I chose to mount it centered and underneath the AU. I simply placed 4mm or 6mm spacers om the bottom of the 20x20 board to add clearance from the carbon frame and that it also wasn't touching the bottom of the air unit. FYI, I used screws just long enough to go from the bottom plate, but if you have the time, you can remove arms and then mount ESC and AU on the bottom plate first.

For the AU mount, I used M3 bolts going from the bottom and locked with m3 nuts which sit inside a recessed portion of the tpu mount.

highly recommend dryfitting this stack to ensure clearance on top and bottom plates

I placed the FC in the front 20x20 mounting points. Be sure to give enough clearance for the fpv cam. I found I had to change my FC orientation in order to get clearance for desired camera angle. What got in the way for me was the JST connector ports on the board. Flip the board til you find the best placement and then remember to configure the FC orientation in your configurator. (I'm running Betaflight fw 4.2)

As for antenna mounting, you can opt for mid body antenna mount but I decided to go with a rear dual sma antenna mount from Brain3D. I had to purchase two 90 degree mmcx to sma extensions to go with the TBS Triumph Pro LHCP.

For motors I ended up with the RC Inpower Smoox 1850kv. If you haven't tried them yet, I highly recommend. (I paired each motor with a Pyrodrone Racewire for easy maintenance and rebuilds).

Such a fun experience building this mini quad. If yall have any questions, let me know!

Here's some flight footage:


Part List


Hyperlite GLIDE 5 Inch Freestyle Frame (61 builds)

Flight Controller

iFlight SucceX-D Mini F7 TwinG Stack (Mini F7+40A ESC) (9 builds)


4 x RCINPOWER SmooX 2306 Plus Motor 1880KV Orange (3 builds)

FPV Camera

DJI Digital HD FPV Air Unit (9 builds)


TBS Triumph Pro (SMA LHCP) (6 builds)



3D Printed

DJI HD Dual SMA Mount Universal

3D Printed

Hyperlite Glide GoPro Hero 5/6/7 Mount (5 builds)

3D Printed

Glide freestyle frame DJI air unit center stack mounts by ErikWTN
See Site

Misc Parts

Pyro Race leds 25mm (4 Pcs.) (7 builds)
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RX12.exe   Dec 12, 2020  

Really interesting build. What's the reason behind mounting reverse deadcat arms on the back?

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Weenis   Jan 13, 2021 

this build was trashed. i had a few too many crashes and even after replacing arms, there was still vibrations. couldnt fix it so i moved on to new frames.

RX12.exe   Jan 15, 2021 

What frame did you go with? My Glide also has some vibration issues

Weenis   Jan 20, 2021 

Yeah these Glides are known to have vibration issues. I ended up swapping parts over to a KinFPV frame called the Theory 5:

robert5587   Nov 13, 2020  

Nice build and Im in the process of building same setup.
I see why you split 20 by 20 because of antennas,pigtail in the rear and camera in front.
Was there any other options you were thinking that may have worked ?
Could a 30 by 30 4n1 fit under air unit?

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Weenis   Nov 16, 2020 

Without lipo my quad was 538g. So I hit a little over 650g with 6s 1300mah. Yeah, it's a hassle of a build if you're relying on alternate hardware pieces like standoffs, bolts and 3d printing. I just had to make it work with what I had. I did however crash this pretty hard and the carbon fiber was damaged and flapping all over the place. It was causing a ton of vibrations and my tune FC wasn't liking it. HAHA. I've since moved the build over to my Dark Theory build. Everything fits, but is super tight, but its expected from a squashed-X design. hope you have a good flow on your build bud.

robert5587   Jan 17, 2021 

I got tired of trying to cram in the air unit and didnt want to increase height of stand offs so I ended up getting a Caddx vista and it fit nicely.

I went with hyperlite 6" frame and using 4S.

Nice flying drone.

Weenis   Jan 20, 2021 

Yeah the fitting for the Dji Air unit is a bit rough if you're not printing mounts. My first original way was tossing the FC/ESC stack in the rear and then double sided tape the dji air unit in the middle. Makes it fit with the standard 20mm/25mm standoffs. Glad you found a working solution for you, even though it's a new frame. Happy flying Rob!

YorkyPoo   Aug 25, 2020  

Looks like that think will Rip. Really thinking about this when I trash my Drone.

Weenis   Aug 25, 2020 

Do it!!! lol I haven't even flown this setup yet. I just finished my Umma95 build and thats been what I lug around with me everywhere! I will for sure post flight footage once I get the chance though. Then we'll see how this Glide holds up.

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