Piña Colada - NightHawk 250 - 3D Print

By Apeian on Jul 17, 2020

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Ethix Lemon-Lime Props and a Coconut colored 3d printed PLA frame - looks like a drink to me ;p. My Son-In-Law wanted to get into drones and I had spare parts laying around and found the plans on thingiverse. This has a CC3D Evo running Cleanflight (OMG it is still supported...lol) and uses LittleBees ESCs running Multishot. Default PID settings were fine, and did a LOS maiden it flies great! I need a real cam on this but this will be fine for fpv testing. All up weight is about 369 grams without battery. Printed this on a AnyCubic Mega-S and did 100% infill to make it as strong as possible...crashing is not advisable... ;)

Maiden FPV Flight..man this needs a better cam...



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Maxwell Colorado Springs   Apr 29, 2022  

What 3d printer do you use? Any one you would recomend?

Apeian   May 02, 2022 

The AnyCubic i3 Mega S - https://www.anycubic.com/collections/anycubic-mega-3d-printers/products/anycubic-i3-mega-s
It's a great printer, very reliable, and inexpensive...for a bit more I would get the next model up:
Has easier leveling system, can print using PETG filiment, and and is alittle bit faster

Maxwell Colorado Springs   Apr 13, 2022  

Do you still fly by Rudy?

Apeian   Apr 19, 2022 

yeah..when the wind ain't crazy..😅

Jodie Froster   Jul 18, 2020  

You are cool for building this for your son in law. It's going to EXPLODE.
That being said, the print looks great. PLA, PETG, or TPU?

Apeian   Jul 18, 2020 

"Explode" is the right word..🤣...I used PLA. ABS or PETG would be better (stronger). TPU is good for small quad canopies and such, to soft for a frame. He flew it alittle and had to rescue him..lol. So I'll give him a better drone to practice with (slow and rugged) 😉. Tested the FPV today on it..real crappy cam but it worked...😜

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