Sub 250g 5" with Naked GoPro Hero 6

By Sub 250g FPV on May 07, 2020

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‘Patriot’ is my latest Sub 250g Quad build It's a 5” Naked Hero 6 GoPro carrying Surface to Air Missile ;-).

The Hero 6 GoPro weighs 117g as it comes out the box, but a naked GoPro Hero 6 weighs just 17g It still has most of the features as its fully cased heavier brother. You still need to 3d print a holder for the Naked GoPro but this only brings the total weight up to around 30g.
(It has no sound, Touch Screen or front LCD panel but all the functions including Start and Stop Recording can be done by connecting your camera via Wi-Fi to the GoPro App .

Everyone is building Cinewhoops with Naked GoPros at the moment (me included ) but I decided to build something a little bit different A 5” Efficient Rocket that also carries a Naked GoPro Hero 6 Black.

This is the maiden flight so don't judge my left turns to much It still needs a lot of work and problems to iron out but you can really see the potential in this Sub 250g 5" .

My Instagram Channel :-
My YouTube Channel :-

Make sure you checkout and join the FB group ‘NAKED Cinewhoop Community / GoPro - Insta360 and the others!’ where I got most of my info/help from
(Paul Park, Richard Papp and Jaro Meyer are great guys who are the real pioneers in Naked GoPro's) :-

Rimzler's Gopro Teardown Tutorial Video :-

GoPro Hero 6 Advanced Modifications :-

Also a big Thank you to @julfred__fpv for the 3D Printed parts for this build **Checkout his Channel and throw him a Follow :-



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VIBRALUX   Sep 23, 2020  

I currently have the F4 2-4S AIO Brushless Flight Controller 20A V3 it's pad configuration is different from the 12A and others. How are you wiring gopro 6 to set record button to turn on and off with TX? Are you using LED or Buzzer with some kind of pinio confing? I haven't been able to find instructions for this anywhere online for this new FC I have the V3.

Sub 250g FPV   Sep 27, 2020 

I connect to it using the app no need for buttons

Jodie Froster   May 08, 2020  

ok, I like this, and now I like your utube chan too. High-fives all around.

Sub 250g FPV   May 10, 2020 

Thank you for your interest, Loads more to come ;-)

Sub 250g FPV   May 10, 2020 

Also Checkout my Instagram channel ;-) :-

Locng   May 07, 2020  

Great build! Did you try 2x 18650? I was thinking to do similiar build with 1306/2700kv.

Sub 250g FPV   May 10, 2020 

Thanks friend :-) I've done extensive testing with Li-ion packs and this setup would require a 3s pack and that would be closer to a 300g AUW

Rice_Bowl   May 08, 2020  

I honestly thought your photos were memes....please tell me im not the only one.....your build looks really cool tho!!! also is the naked go pro more likely to break than a regular go pro?

Sub 250g FPV   May 10, 2020 

They are real and so am I ;-) Thank you for your complements :-). Durabily will always suffer when removing the protective case but if you keep the build light then impacts will not carry as much force (In Therory)

IcarusIX   May 07, 2020  

Ohhh I just realised you had a rotorbuilds account, fan of your yt👌

Sub 250g FPV   May 07, 2020 

Hi Thanks for the like, I'll be adding most of my new builds on here over the next few weeks ;-)
Make sure to checkout my Instagram account as most of my projects start and finish over there.

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