Horny Tadpole

By dafunk on Apr 10, 2020

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another tadpole I know (did I say boring ?)... but flies super well
At 70+ grams it's not a toothpick anymore but it has a good combination of power/weight on 4S 450mah
motors are the 4500 kv version
I used a drill to enlarge the 16x16 holes on the frame in order to fit the grommets. Now the whole stack is soft mounted.



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FPVPirate   Aug 07, 2020  

Im doing a build very similar to this! I have the 1204 4500kv and using 450 4S. It looks like it will be super fun to fly! Why do you use bi-blades? Im thinking of using HQ 3 blade props on mine.

dafunk   Aug 07, 2020 

Tried the 3 blades from hq prop but my favorite were the emax scimitar for this build

dario_marroquin   May 03, 2020  

Hey man! Nice build! Question why did you go for these motors instead of the 1206 from xing? I was deciding first on these or the 1105 or the 1206. What would you recommend 1206 are 2g heavier.

dafunk   May 14, 2020 

sorry for late reply

long story short, I got 1204 for a massive droner and tried them on the tadpole first... ended up keeping them on the tadpole because of how well the tadpole is flying.

i think 1206 is too heavy and too powerful... you end up with less flight time without even using the full power of your motor.
I would go 1103 for max flight time although it felt undepowered on this particular frame with the 1103 by fullspeed (not xing).
1204 for max performance acro
1105 for max performance racing

for 2s pick around 7500kv (recommanded)
for 3s pick around 5000kv
I don't recommand 4s because there are no good Lipos under 450mah. It's what I built and 4S 450mah is too heavy. don't get me wrong, its flies well, it flies long, but the added weight makes it less durable.

you should definitely seek for other opinions, I am just a random guy on the Internet :)

Rice_Bowl   Apr 11, 2020  

Hey hey! your build uses 4s. Is there a reason with the increase of volts? and hows the flight time on 4s 450?

dafunk   Apr 11, 2020 

flies 5 min indoors racing, a little more then 3 minutes outdoors acro (with the 48khz mod on ESC)
no particular reason... it's just a chain of events that led to this
Initially the build was supposed to be fullspeed motors 1103 8000kv on 2S but it felt underpowered
I ordered the xing 1204 for another build but gave them a try on the tadpole and I liked the result... they are staying on the tadpole

DoubleJackOnTap   Apr 11, 2020  

Nice build!  I like the soft mount modification. My Tadpole is far from boring.  I love checking out how everyone else put theirs together.  Thanks for posting yours.

dafunk   Apr 11, 2020 

Hey thanks for your comment... don't get me wrong flying it super fun to fly this build
it's just that we've seen so many tadpoles and mine is super classic

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