BrainCinewhoop 3''

By dafunk on Apr 08, 2020

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I was skeptical of the flight performance of cinewhoops with ducts so I tried this frame from hglrc.
my thoughts is that the prop guards have less effect on flights characteristics then ducts.
Also I felt 1806 motors would outperform 1408 or 1507 because they have more torque and less speed for a comparable weight which is exactly what you want on a cinewhoop.

This video was post edited with reelsteady go and the session 5 was soft mounted using zip ties and a credit card cut in half.
Obviously, the cinewhoop does not fly so good.

I don't have duct cinewhoop to compare but this one does the job ok with a session camera.
I think 'cinebump' is the way to go now and overall I do not recommend this frame because the carbon is not cut in the correct direction.

// geek alert//
don't read this if you are not interested in techniques //
What I mean by that is that rigidity of carbon is usually maxed in two directions at 90 degrees.
a unibody frame (without individual arms) with normal 'X' shape can be cut in a way that gives maximum rigidity to the arms.
individual arms frames can get away with this restriction and get rigidity on every arm and on the body
This frame has rigidity on the body and sacrificed rigidity of the arm.
OK you are now an official carbon geek
// end of geek alert //

it has 3 xt30 plugs because It is powered by 2 or 3 packs of 650mah 2s in series.
for 6s the motor output limit is set to 70% in betafight = 3min of flight
on 4s = 2min20 of flight with a gopro session and very cool on the sticks
brainfpv flight controller was supposed to help tune the bad frequencies... turns out to be a waste of money as the graphical interface is a plus but blacbox is way more important and they sacrificed blacbox (no internal memory and no sd card slot). graphical is super cool though, gets a smile on my face every time I see booting screen.



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jermadjesty   Sep 23, 2020  

Do you think you could fit 3.5" props on this if you removed the ducts? Something like Avan Scimitar?

dafunk   Sep 24, 2020 

Yes I think it would fit but I don't recommand this frame, the frame is too heavy and the carbon has too much flex.
to go back to your props I personally would go for 1.5mm shaft motors but check that with others pilots.

Whiffles   May 14, 2020  

Why put such large motors on a 2.5" frame? Why not the Sector150?

dafunk   May 15, 2020 

my frame is the sector150 3 inch... thanks for pointing that out. I updated the part list and added a video.
at the time of parts selections, the iflight v1 cinewhoop (megabee ?) had hot motors on 1408. I thought bigger motor diameter was the way to go and since I had this size available at hand reach I thought I would try it before ordering smallers motors.

Whiffles   May 15, 2020 

Nice footage! I was waiting for some indoor footage but it didn't come! What cam did you use to record that? BTW, you can embed the video by pasting the link to the video in the description. Might also want a better cover image.

dafunk   May 17, 2020 

dressed up session 5... thanks for the tip for embedding videos I've been looking for it for a while

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