Cloudbuster 21011 (giveaway)

By Snap Aerial Silhouettes on Mar 06, 2020

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this is the ten-eleven, by Snap Aerial Silhouettes

apply to own it for free, at the following link

applicaton closes at midnight, 3/14/2020


the first three digits of its number-name denote the motor to motor distance (210mm), while the last two signify the number of the series of builds this one belongs to, and the build number within that series, respectively

this is a giveaway build designed to showcase the Snap canopy in the way we intend it to be used


this build is the first of three, each of which will be topped with a canopy from the upcoming Summer line of canopy offerings

the build has been specially designed to be a one of a kind: it is a hybrid Five33 Switchback (six inch rear arms), with nearly all of the best modern racing capabilities currently available on the market to our knowledge

the other two builds will be created in this build's image, to perpetuate the design themes of this series of giveaway builds


because of the high resolution images we have included of the build, you will be able to see the print quality of the canopy very clearly

we would like to reiterate that the material we use in our canopies is not a resin, and should not be confused with 3D printed resin materials

our canopies are made of the same amazing TPU you are used to, generated using traditional fused deposition modeling, which proves itself time and again in the FPV industry on a daily basis

we would encourage you get your hands on resin prints before you commit to putting a 3D printed resin part on your craft, as we have experienced extensive wear-based splitting and deformation in our own testing over the years, performed on FormLabs printers and resins

the quality you see in our canopy prints is the result of two full years of testing on our part, both to create this extremely smooth finish in our unique low-friction TPU blend-which drastically improves aerodynamics of the craft-and the custom weight saving infill we have designed, meant to keep your electronics safe and aerodynamic at minimal mass cost

the canopy in this build, like all of our canopies, has integrated electronic components, as well


more specifically, this build is a MultiGP open class legal, 5 inch 6s racer, with 65 degrees of camera uptilt (king of straights), complete with an oppositely polarized antenna (white, not shown) for swapping between heats if necessary

it uses the longest feasible racewire on the market, eliminating air stagnation points between motor wires that causes pressure drag between the stagnant air trapped in these small cavities and propwash/oncoming air above and along the arms of the craft

filament tape around said racewire is utilized in case of arm failure, to protect ESC pads, and the thicker 3M VHB is used to redundantly adhere the racewire to the arms

true DuPont Kapton tape has been used to more effectively isolate RF components in close proximity throughout the build

7 internally wired Tiny's LEDs housed in the canopy allow for seamless team racing/lighting requirement fulfillment

we have opted for an especially tight build, for the ultra-slim aerodynamic profile it provides, minimizing friction drag on and over the center of the craft while also opening up space for propwash to escape the edge of the props (some good freestyle frames design around the same principle)

the transmitter antenna has been mounted perpendicularly (for best possible transmission, given unorthodox location) on the front arm for reduced exposure to air (oncoming and propwash), and easy access for quick swapping between heats if necessary, just clip the ziptie and throw the oppositely polarized antenna on (may need to loosen rear canopy screws to access U.FL)

Minimortal T for the crossfire, so you dont have a chopped up antenna all the time, also some distant hazy nod to the Star Wars franchise...

frame is run "Headsup style," according to the video tutorial made by the Five33 team, posted on the Five33 Instagram page (both The RCAddict and Headsup fly it in this configuration), this is essentially a minor weight and space saving modification to the frame

build weight (no props or battery): 276g

had to turn down NASA's bid to enter the giveaway, they wanted to dismantle and reverse engineer the tractor beam on this little invader, but we want to find him a safe (phone) home!


if you're doubting the antenna

if you're doubting the camera

if you're doubting the hybrid setup

if you're doubting the tape used to secure the motor wires

if you're doubting that beautiful battery strap

id you're doubting Snap or yourself, we are happily open to discussion about the theoretical scientific efficacy of this racing build and the choices that made it what it is


voltage sensing

analog current sensing

ESC telemetry

BrainFPV's graphical OSD

Runcam's gesture camera control

TBS' SmartAudio

1000uF 35v Nichicon radial can capacitor

7 internally wired programmable 5v Tiny's LEDs

ROVAFLEX cable strap

o-ring vibration dampened uni-bell motors from RCINPOWER

hard-wiring wherever possible (to prevent plug pull-out in high speed crashes)

aerodynamic nylock propnuts (aero without loss of wrench grip or nylock anti-slip)

full 20x20 flight stack

high grip Nomojel Ummagawd camera pad as a battery pad

unparalleled aerodynamics

to dos (if you win it)

purchase propellers of your choice (shown with Hq R38 Headsup props, not included)

purchase 6s batteries or add your own (shown with 6s 1250 Pyro Drone Graphene, not included)

calibrate current sensor for your batteries

bind crossfire transmitter and set to 868MHz frequency (Minimortal T antenna is optimized for 868)

setup switches for your controller

configure the OSD to your liking

hover test and PID tune from Betaflight presets to your liking

gesture control has already been turned on, the Runcam OSD has been turned off, motor direction is REVERSED for racing (so put props on accordingly)


the canopy shown on this build is not yet available for purchase, but is the final production model of the Five33 Switchback canopy that will be offered on Snap's website very soon

if you are interested in receiving updates as to when new canopies become available on our site, no spam whatsoever, please visit and join our email list

a canopy that is currently available on the website has been linked in the parts list, to display the accurate value of this build



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Mayan_Hawk   Mar 28, 2020  

Snap Aerial Silhouettes   Mar 28, 2020 

Wow. Talk about a loving home, and how about that tune!? Mayan Hawk, ladies and gentlemen.... Thank you so much for sharing, and please continue to enjoy your "bird!"

Kakolukia   Mar 07, 2020  

Awesome giveaway and beautiful canopy!
Unfortunately I'm not a racer, but good luck to everyone who enters! 😉

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