RotoriousFPV LB97 2s 1102

By matthew saigon on Jan 13, 2020

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i highly recommend toothpick style builds over this. this is just for fun.

1/24/20: great news. Alexandre Arvinte just made a frame and camera mount for this setup. i really want to give it a try. no one has that frame yet, so try it at your own risk. or just wait for me to try it first :)

1/20/20: i cut down the standoffs again. now they're 9mm from 11mm. i could cut them down some more, but i would need a custom frame for it which i don't know when i can have one.
+++ still trying to find props for 1102. you might wonder why not just change to 1103 and have more options for props. well i just want to work with 1102 for now. and i will try 1103 later. and i don't want to move to 1105 or bigger motors. this is just meant to backyard.

1/19/20: i cut down the standoffs. now they're 11mm from 15mm. i feel it's very crucial for this tiny top-mount build. the shorter the arms the lower the batteries need to be. it's just my opinion. i don't believe i've seen such low profile like this for 2inch quad. but if you have see it, please let me know, so i can learn and improve my build.
+++ there is no need for me to keep the bind and boot buttons so i took those buttons off. i can use " BL " cli and " bind_rx " cli commands. bl 4.1
+++ hehehe i put those commands here so i don't have to remember. because i keep forget them.

i foam taped everything down :) there is no mount for whoop boards.

don't expect it to be fast. it's just a backyard flier. if you fly in a park, big space, i think 2.5" or 3" quads are better.

41g dry ( 3g heavier than happymodel SailFly, i think )
frame: Rotorious FPV LB97 ( very light 8g, i think 8g is good enough for top mount 1102/1103 )
motors: Geprc 1102 9000kv ( it's the lowest kv they have. i would go for 8000kv )
esc/fc: CrazyBee v2 ( anything is fine really. 5A should be enough )
props: hq2x2x4 ( chopped down to 2 blades ), i'm still trying to find props.
cam/vtx, mount: RunCam nano3, tbs pro32, custom mount ( total cam + vtx + mount = 3g )
camer mount is designed by Alexandre Arvinte,
batteries: 2s 450mah (27 grams )

it's not a good day for dvr.
i'm using default betaflight 4.1 still have some propwash but i just want to fly and not care.



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yohfpv   Oct 13, 2020  

Hi Matthew. As a reference for you doing your experiments, I have a 2S, 2" build that I fly around the yard with DAL 2035 props cut down to two-blades. I like it a lot on 1102, 12800kv motors running on a 80% throttle scale. Default PID's on BF 4.1 and 4.2 work fine with stock Blheli 16.7. Smooth, very responsive and it grips well in cornering. The DAL bi-blades are not as fast and efficient as 65mm bi-blades, but it seems more suited to flying in a small space due to the additional grip and control they provide. The added bonus of the DAL's are that I never have a problem with prop vibration or fluttering at full throttle so no tampering is required with the PID's, filters or TPA to keep it smooth.

matthew saigon   Oct 13, 2020 

very nice. i'm going to try those DAL. thanks for pointers.

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