Ghetto 3s 1102 8500kv 29g

By matthew saigon on Nov 23, 2019

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12/1/19: i rebuilt it and now it's 29g again with a few changes. i use industrial foam tapes from warehouse store. the canopy is now stuck to the board. it's not going anywhere. at first when you use that tape it doesn't stick much but when you leave it there for days. it becomes very strong. and i'm pretty happy with that change. i use a upholster thread to tie camera and canopy together and use foam tape and stick it to the board. so now the camera and the canopy are tied tightly. and with industrial foam tape, the top part is unmovable.
-- also, i cut the active part of the vtx antenna and solder it to the vtx and put hot glue around it. so now the antenna can't be broken anymore.
-- also, if you look at the first picture, you'd see electrical tape wrap around the camera lens and go under the frame. that helps keep everything in place too, without adding any weight.
-- and also, i put 2 pieces of foam tape over motor soldering joints to cover those exposed parts. now the whole board is covered. i don't have the picture of it, but i'll take a picture of it soon.
-- so those are the 3 very important changes. they help the setup stronger without adding weight.

on my 2s 1102 build, i bought and use geprc 1102 9000kv motors and they are the smoothest motors ever. you can use 3s on it too. just cut the throttle to 70%.

11/28/19: i just remember Bob Roogie did a review video of happymodel sailfly. if you think that is fast at 37g, this thing is a lot faster at 30g.

11/24/19: so i rebuilt it and added 3 grams of protection. it looks like a normal toothpick now. it weights 32g which should still be pretty good. i used string to tie canopy and aio camera for clean look :)
11/24/19: i added 1 gram to it for more protection. it's still very light at 30g. but it looks a lot better. i used sewing threads to tie canopy and aio camera together. you should tie them up first, before soldering.

it's ghetto. it's light. it's fast.
i foam taped the fc board to the frame. and then foam taped canopy to the board.
and tied everything together with rubber bands which also are battery straps.
i'll add foam, which would add zero weight to it, to the top for more protection later.

the key is canopy with large and flat base, so the impact spreads out.
the quad is light enough for the impact to not break the board.
if it falls out of the sky it'd be ok. but i don't know about 100% throttle into a wall because this thing is fast. and i've never done that before so i don't know.

rating: look: 1/5 protection: 3/5 enjoyment: 5/5 :)
how is this one compare to my other " Ghetto. 2s 1102 9000kv " quad ? this one is brutal fast. maybe you shouldn't build this.

weight is important. around 30g is good. if you add just a few grams it'd fly slower and less flight time. 3 grams is 10%.
imagine you have 300g 5" quad. 10% is 30g. it wouldn't fly the same anymore.
weight: 29g
batteries: gnb 3s 300mah
motors: happymodel 1102 8500kv
board: happymodel crazybee f4 v2
propellers: kingkong 65mm 1.5mm holes
frame: PicklePic 65mm frame, 2mm thick, designed by Alexandre Arvinte

betaflight 4.1 default, fly good but not great.
i cut the throttle at 70% ( clip, not scale ), i think it's good enough for me, but don't cut it if you don't want to.



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Conair7   Nov 30, 2019  

badass that's my next build onto a primo 080x frame with 1102s have everything just waiting till I get around too it. This made me excited bro keep up the building 🤟

matthew saigon   Nov 30, 2019 

thank you. i don't know if you're familiar with 1102. 1102 are not strong and that's why i keep it very low weight. built-in RX and aio camera. although i could make separate cam and vtx to weight the same. but the point is keeping it very low weight. if you want to have more things on your quad. 1103 motors are better choice. if you want to see how my quad really flies then you need to build it the way i built it. i have many frames and i built 1102 setups in many different ways. the only way you can have this weight 29g-30g, is by building it my way. remember 3g is 10% of its weight. 6g is 20%.

matthew saigon   Nov 30, 2019 

fun facts, if you look closely at my 2s 1102. you would see that i stripped everything off of primo frame. even those little metals imbedded in the frame.

Jodie Froster   Nov 24, 2019  

Wow, that really IS fast. That dvr you posted, was that with only 70% throttle?!?

matthew saigon   Nov 24, 2019 

yup it's really fast. and 70% is all you need. those are 8500kv on 3s. you don't want to go higher rpm. and props can't handle too much rpm neither. but you can go full throttle if you want to try.

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