Calimero Update

By Dave_C FPV on Jul 13, 2019

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This is the latest evolution of my 3D printed Calimero Thoothpick. I modified the pod to shave off aroung 2 grams and it is stil strong enough!
The AIO is a Crazybee that has worked fine until I sunk the quad in a pond. Took me 20 minutes to find it! The AIO surprisingly still kind of works but one of the ESC has some glitches now. I will replace it with the GEPRC 12A as soon as I receive it. Dry weight is around 50g at the moment with an external RX.
And since Gemfan has released 65mm props I am finally done with drilling holes into King Kong Props!



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Specktech   Aug 10, 2019  

Looks so cool! Really caught my eyes.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jul 13, 2019  

Hey Dave! I do like the update (even though I just got my Calimero from the printer... lol).
Threadjack: I have to tell you... with the ARX-R canopy the ARS-5 flies like a dream. The combination is so fun that it deserves a little attention. I wanna build another the exact same, but this time with a black nylon frame. I'm the type to do that before tearing this one apart as there is nothing wrong with it... I just know I can't go to town and try to hurt it. I do fly it on APC 5045's now, and it is in top 3 fav of my (15 deep at this point) squadron. It effortlessly covers massive distance fast with the breathy and light props as its AUW is so miniscule. Crazy thing is: remember the time the motors came down scorching and I asked you about your tuning experiences? I'm on that exact same (was bad... is now great?) tune. Weird... right?
Back on topic: So... I know nothing about 3D printing, and I got this (the pic...) done in nylon. It don't look bad and is strong as hell. It is... white. I didn't pick that on the site when I ordered it. Why I got that I don't know, but that took a month, so... whatever. I'm not sweating it. It'll still look good with some 1103 Hyperlites. What electronics are THE best? Is it that GepRC board?

Dave_C FPV   Jul 14, 2019 

That looks great! Nylon should be strong as hell but its indeed white unless died after printing as far as I know. But I think something is mounted sideways? The Battery pad is inside the canopy and the adapter seems missing. Yes go for the GEPRC or BetaFPV (they are almost identical) and get it from Amazon or any other shop where you can easily claim your warranty in case you get a bad one. Looking foreward to see your future build pop-up here on Rotorbuils! Your latest ARX looks fantastic!

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jul 15, 2019 

Thanks for the advice! Yeah.... I just had it all kinda "piled up" I didn't really know that was the battery strap piece, but I figured I could learn what that was once I started gettin' some electronics (didn't wanna bug you about little stuff until I am underway)! Thanks for the kind words @ the 6" ARX. It is really nice to have that rig back in the stable. I got another 5 and 6 inch ARX planned too (lol). They'll both have the very elusive speed canopies (high tech aerodynamics). This has been a real good summer for my squadron. =]

alwaysbless   Jul 14, 2019  

Loving the new canopy! Gonna print one up now

Lel   Jul 14, 2019  

hi Dave i like the idea of printable drones. if you wanne open you design maybe a bit further, I would suggest you upload also a step file as these have the actual data and not just the surface data. that makes it much easyer to modify in fusion360 for example.

is this frame also suitable for your HD toothpick sized setup with the 1403s and the caddex turtle?

fovea   Jul 13, 2019  

nice looking canopy!

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