Calimero 4K

By Dave_C FPV on Jul 01, 2019

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When I first saw the Caddx Tarsier 4K split type camera I knew I had to build a frame around it. My Sanchez carbon toothpick frame build with the Caddx Turtle HD cam worked out really well but for the Tarsier that just wouldn't do it because it comes with two boards instead of one, making the stack really high. So the solution was to make a 3" version of my 3D printed Calimero frame that allows to hide the boards inside of the frame. The rest of the setup is pretty much identical to my previous build. Unfortunately the ESC of the GPRC burned out while setting up Betaflight unfortunately and I have to wait for some replacement. Super annoying since a similar thing happend last weekend with my 16x16 Sanchez build.

My other GEPRC boards work fine so for the moment I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it was just bad luck and not a general quality issue. Since the weight of this build (100g) is in the same ball park than my Sanchez setup with the Turtle (86g) and has an identical powertrain I expect them to have a similar flight performance.

Building this quad wasn't easy at all to be honest! Things start to get super tight with that much electronics packed in such a tiny quad. Not recommended for beginners... Generally I see this frame and quad as a proof of concept and not a rig for daily use. It showcases how much peformance and features we can put in a package that weights just 100g. But the components are quite hard to access for repairs. If manufacturers would make AIO boards with 20x20 mounts or a Split Camera with a 25.5x25.5 hole pattern those remaining issues could potentially be solved in my opinion.
All files are onThingiverse and you can find more updates on my Instagram



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Rice_Bowl   Jul 07, 2019  

YOOOO thats sooo close to the fets omgg how did you...YOURE BRILLIANT AHHAH great frames btw!! ive got a question tho...hows those motors? ive had them before but they broke easily and that made me pissed at those but you seem to be having better luck than me.

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Rice_Bowl   Jul 28, 2019 

hey do you think you could run a 1404 3750kv flywoo on the same geprc 12a on 4s? i looked ath the specsheet and it says 12.88 amps at fullthrottle. should i risk it?

Dave_C FPV   Jul 29, 2019 

One user here tried the DYS 1404 4300 on 4S with the GEPRC and it was fine apprentely.
But I never tried the GEPRC or any other board on 4S so I actually have to clue what will happen :-D

Rice_Bowl   Jul 29, 2019 

one of my escs died hahaha but i guess i expected that

TeamWolfFPV   Jul 02, 2019  

Can't wait for flight footage!

Dave_C FPV   Jul 02, 2019  

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