Micro Transcend

By FGR FPV on May 14, 2019

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It's just a 3d printed prototype yet, but I still wanted to share it!
It's going to be a 3" monster, based on a 16x16 stack (yes, I know the strongest one available is 12 amps, I'm waiting for a stronger one)
I calculated the weight to be around 200g with a 650mAh 4s lipo.

It features the runcam racer nano cam (thx runcam for sponsoring btw!)

I finally found time to build this quad.
It comes in at only 144g including a 4s 450mAh lipo.
Many people told me, that will be too small, but no, I have around 4 minutes of flight time when racing.
Also many people told me, that 12A is too small, but it works very well on 4s without any problems.
I use the 4000kv motors so this thing really screams!
And damn this thing is fast! Just like the big racers, but more agile.
It was a pain to build though, when will we finally see good receivers, that go with the size of the new stacks?
I mean, the R-XSR is as big as the flight controller right now...



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Igi87   Sep 09, 2019  

locks really nice!!

Specktech   Aug 10, 2019  

Looks so cool. Really like that pod. Just looks so sharp. Nice work.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   May 24, 2019  


FGR FPV   Jun 02, 2019 

Maybe, but first I'll build it myself and test it 😁

IcarusIX   May 15, 2019  

Nice one! I'm also trying to design larger frames for a 12x 12 stack, The footprint is insane! Also, that canopy is gorgeous

FGR FPV   May 15, 2019 

Thank you 😁 Do you mean a 16x16 stack or is there really already a 12x12 stack? That would be crazy small!

IcarusIX   May 17, 2019 

haha yeah a 16x16 stack my bad lol

packocrayons   May 22, 2019 

Fishpepper actually did come up with a 12x12 stack at some point I believe.

alwaysbless   May 22, 2019  

I dont think well ever see a 16x16 stack that has more than 12a.

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FGR FPV   May 22, 2019 

Since I am designing my own frames it's no problem at all to design a 26x26 frame. But that's huge! I want it to be small. And btw, the old SimonK where also packed. It's the components that get smaller. Think of CPUs and how small the transistors got...

alwaysbless   May 22, 2019 

It would sure be nice dont get me wrong lol. Id like at least a 15a one thatd open up so many possibilities. I wish there was more effort put into 16x16 frame design also. This frame looks amazing and is probably one of the only ones ive seen that lets you protect the camera under a canopy as opposed to leaving it totally exposed.

FGR FPV   May 22, 2019 

Yes, 15A would for sure be very nice.
I'll try the 12A one, I'll post updates here 😁

packocrayons   May 15, 2019  

12 amps should be enough for 1306 size motors, or are you going with something crazy?

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Dave_C FPV   May 17, 2019 

I'd go for some Emax 1306

Dave_C FPV   May 17, 2019 

Btw since Bob Roogi is working on a superlight 3" too I'm kind of following his recommendations at the moment.
He suggests motors in the 10g range. He specifically mentioned 1404 and 1304.
But the EMAX 1306 is the the ball park too with quite exactly 10g.

FGR FPV   May 22, 2019 

Let's hope I'll proof you wrong, because I've already ordered the 12A stack 😁

Nabla   May 15, 2019  

This is really neat! Great work

FGR FPV   May 15, 2019 

Thank you!

SkyLine FPV   May 15, 2019  

that frame look soooo good, great work

FGR FPV   May 15, 2019 

Thank you 😁 If you like this one, check out the "real" Transcend too :D

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