ARS-5 v2.0 3D printed 5"

By Dave_C FPV on Jan 26, 2019

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After the first shot at designing a fully printable 5" Inch Frame worked out better than expected I made
a few updates and improvements.
You can get the files for free on Thingyverse by just following the link in Part List.

New Features of the V2.0

  • Closed top plate to make fixing the VTX easier
  • Closed bottom plate with slot for FrSky R-XSR
  • New 45° SMA antenna mount
  • Thicker 4.5mm Arms
  • Rear standoffs more narrow than front (no function, just looks nicer)
  • More space for the ESC/FC stack
  • Got rid of the zip tie holes in the arms to make them more stable

After playing around with a few materials this latest version is made out of cured PLA.
You simply leave the print on the heat bed at 100°C for 30-45min at put an old filament box over it to create a little oven. The curing releases tensions in the material and changes the microstructure to make it much more resilient. Carbon Nylon was a total fail ... Super expensive and way to soft unfortunately.



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QuadStar Drones   Jan 29, 2019  

Excellent, looks great!

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 21, 2019 

I like it too. =]

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jul 04, 2019 

Well... lol... this one came out... a "mixed bag". I guess it would only be proper to tell you in Dave_C's comment section that what I ended up doing was using the frame from the ARS-5 and the canopy from the ARX-R in order to get what I personally needed out of this build. The result is magnificent despite the costs being comparatively minimal.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 28, 2019  

Hi Dave... (not numbers... just in general), what are you doing with your PIDs? I took my ARS out on its maiden and it came down with some HOT motors, lol. I'm not real great at tuning. I kinda need pushed in a direction or I just make it worse.

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HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 29, 2019 

Hmmm... Mechanical. What are you thinking? Overloaded props? I'm running V1S 4.8 on 2204 Hyperlites. 25A Mamba MK2 stack.

Dave_C FPV   Jun 30, 2019 

Hmm .... Does the frame feel stiff enough? What material and infill? A frame that is too soft and wobbly could lead to those hot motors. But there are probably a dozen other possible reasons. Are the components new and un-damaged?
The prop. pitch is too high yes but that shouldn't be that much of an issue.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 30, 2019 

Ummm. I do not know if it is stiff enough. It is PLA, but TBH, I don't know the infill... some cat at work printed it up for me. It feels stiff, but maybe I am just hopeful. I haven't got to reduce D (and fly it). Still monsoon season here apparently.
Edit: I spoke to Hyperdrone and they said that the 2204 2722 should be able to handle that load of prop on that ESC no problem. I trust their word on that. I'm thinking it is maybe not as rigid as it needs to be.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 09, 2019  

Oh snap! A 5" version! This thing looks awesome! I just ordered the Calimero (print service), but I think I want to build the big guy too!

Whiffles   Feb 03, 2019  

How tall is that stack from the bottom of the standoff to the top of the screw? Will it fit on a frame with 20mm standoffs? The specs say it's 19mm, but I can't confirm if that includes the tips of the screws.

Dave_C FPV   Feb 04, 2019 

unfortunately I can't measure it right now I am on a business trip all week.
I did not use the standard nylon spacers but instead two long nylon screws and some nylon washers to get the stack lower.
There is room to gain a few mm. So if the spec sais 19mm and you don't use the standart mounts it should be doable to get below 20mm... No garanty that I am right though...

Whiffles   Feb 04, 2019 

Thank you! I think it should be doable. Worst case I just use my own standoffs.

jbrahney   Jan 29, 2019  

This is beautiful, both color combos and frame design! Really love your builds.

yimaili   Jan 28, 2019  

Thanks for sharing your design. I am new to build drone. Could I know which RC remote controller do you use for the drone? How could I get the vedio from FPV camera to pc/mobile? I appraciate for your help!

Dave_C FPV   Jan 28, 2019 

I use a FrSky X7 with some upgrades like hall gimbals. I can recommend that one and the x-lite. My googles can record the video feed on an SD card. There are also some VTX that can record. AKK makes one for example...

yimaili   Jan 29, 2019 

Thank you!

sergetania   Jan 26, 2019  

It's an interesting design. How long does it take you to remount on a new frame? It seems the stack stays intact on the plate which should save a lot of time. I will experiment with the curing. Btw, for strength, have you tried PolyMaker PolyMax PLA? It's expensive but seems to be much stronger than regular PLA.

Dave_C FPV   Jan 26, 2019 

Honestly re-mounting is the only flaw this design still has because ou have to solder the motor wires again...Havent tried PloyMax yet but after spending way to much money on pricy exotic filaments I will give regular old PLA a try now :-D

sergetania   Jan 26, 2019 

I thought the stack is moved to a new frame on the bottom plate, no need to solder. At least it looked like it.
PolyMax will definitely increase the strength and it's not brittle. I am getting interested. Thanks! 👍

Dave_C FPV   Jan 27, 2019 

Bottom plate and arms are one piece. Thanks for the recommendation! Watched a few youtube videos about PolyMax...I think I will have to try that too :-D

The Van   Jan 26, 2019  

Loving all your designs & builds man, great work!

FrenchB   Jan 26, 2019  

Nice design. How's the flex? Break any yet?

Dave_C FPV   Jan 26, 2019 

The frame holds up ok. One broke when I flew head first into a tree trunk. A 3D printed frame can't really compete with carbon in terms of durability. But on the other hand it costs hardly anything to print it...

FrenchB   Jan 26, 2019 

Very nice. It'd be unrealistic to assume any fully 3D printed frame would hold up to a big crash. But its awesome if it holds up to minor bumps and bruises.

Dave_C FPV   Jan 26, 2019 

Totally agree. If I tried to design it to survive big crashes it would just turn out really heavy and fly like crap. The usual small crahes are not a problem and thats good enough in my opinion...

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