Super Light with R9MM "Red Widow"

By robbson on Jan 23, 2019

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My attempt to make a super light, public save 2S outdoor "Whoop" with the almighty 65mm props ^^
Guys, this thing is so much fun!

The BeeCore board stopped working after one week. Now it's only starting with a 1S battery or USB. With a 2S pack it don't turn on at all.
I'm waiting for new parts which will probably take 2 weeks... Missing to fly that thing already.

Version 2 will get a decent nano VTX and definitely a better camera!

AUW: 61g

I'm currently using a modified 95mm RJXHobby frame.

Motors are HBFPV 1103 11000KV motors

Very unhappy with the picture quality of the Caddx Beetle AIO cam... The light handling is really bad.
Someone know a nano sized cam with decent picture quality? Please let me know!

Here a video of the maiden flight.
Follow me on YT if you want to see updates on this little thing!


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alwaysbless   Jul 15, 2019  

How did you wire the beetle for betaflight osd?

robbson   Jul 15, 2019 

You need to separate the last pin on the side with the 3 pins and solder a wire on both ends. One on the camera boad and on the VTX board. Those wires you solder to the Vin and Vout pads on your FC.

eatkabab   Jan 29, 2019  

I'm sorry for the issues with the Beecore. I'm sure I'll find it has issues too. That is also too nice of a build for those motors! Looks super fun

robbson   Jan 29, 2019 

Thanks a lot! To hear that from YOU is super rewarding ^^
The Beecore is still starting with a 1S battery and USB. But not with 2S.
Seems like the voltage regulator can't handle 2S voltage very well.

Mafaku   Jan 25, 2019  

I've got the Caddx Firefly (cam + vtx combo) on a micro build and the video is fantastic. Handles flat light/low contrast conditions and light/dark transitions very well.

robbson   Jan 25, 2019 

Nice option. Thanks!

Rice_Bowl   Jan 24, 2019  

Looks sweet dude!! id probably follow this for my next build. You should try the Caddx Eos2 maybe. Its decent and light handling isnt that bad. And I think its as small as a nano camera. Anyways, great build!!

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Rice_Bowl   Jan 24, 2019 

would you try 1104 but using the gemfan flash 2.5" props?

robbson   Jan 24, 2019 

The problem is most of the 1104 motors are made to run on 3S.
Nearly all of them are between 5000 and 7500KV which is probably a bit low for 2S.
In addition they are much heavier. The T-Motor F10 for example are 6g which is double the weight of the 1103 motors I use right now.

Unfortunately all I have right now are 2045 four blade and 2840 tri blade props. I don't think the 2840 will fit but I will try tomorrow.

Rice_Bowl   Jan 24, 2019 

itll be interesting to see what you find but i doubt that 1103 can effeciently and smoothly spin a 2.8 triblade hahaha. you know someone should make a vtx backpack for the Eos2. Its a great camera for these tiny things and yet ive not yet seen any 3d printed mount that fits a vtx and the cam together while being able to use the mounting holes. That would have been cool hahaha

jdmkramer   Jan 24, 2019  

The AKK AIO cam from RDQ was decent IMO.

robbson   Jan 24, 2019 

I'm looking at the TBS Unify Pro32 Nano.
400mw, 15x13mm and 1g sounds pretty awesome :D

jdmkramer   Jan 24, 2019  

Very cool! I'm following on here and YT now. I've been curious to revisit this type of build with the new brushless stuff instead of 8520. What kind of flight times you getting? Have you tried "long range" with it? :D

robbson   Jan 24, 2019 

Thanks a lot!
Freestyle like in the maiden flight video about 4:30
Cruising will get me 8 minutes flight time with the Infinity 450mah batteries. It's insane!

I finished the build yesterday so I can't say much about the range but I don't expect much from the 25mw VTX on the Caddx cam. We will see, I will do a range test and upload a video this weekend.

QuadConnect   Jan 24, 2019  

Mobula7 camera + vtx aio is good according to Kabab

sergetania   Jan 23, 2019  

They are fun, aren't they?
I have an Eachine US65 camera/vtx on mine and I am also very unhappy with the camera (which I believe KababFPV lists as one of the better cams).
How did you mount an R9 antenna on this little frame? It's not always easy to do it on a 3" drone!

robbson   Jan 23, 2019 

I raised the FC just as much so the R9MM is fitting underneath. I use the stock antenna which is coming with the R9MM. I routed the wire under the arms. As seen on the picture they are a little longer than the arms and stick out a bit. They can't get into the props though.
I know beneath the carbon is not the perfect place for the antenna but there is no other way I can think of.

I really like the 3D printed mount for the FC on yours! This is such a good idea.
My frame also only have holes for 16 and 20mm stacks like the Lil' Duece.

I have a Caddx Eos2 but it's nearly 4g without the VTX.

Juan   Jan 23, 2019  

Hi. nice construction! The same thing happens to me with the caddx camera. Do you know if the Beecore F4 fc has pads to place a Buzzer?

robbson   Jan 23, 2019 

Thanks a lot! Unfortunately no buzzer pad on the Beecore F4 :(

Juan   Jan 23, 2019 

Gracias !!!😑

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