3D Printed Racer

By Dave_C FPV on Dec 25, 2018

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I took a shot at designing a printable FPV racing frame because I want to have a cheap "training" quad for racing practice with good component protection and the possibility to quickly print some spare parts when I need them. The design makes the quad as stiff as most carbon fames when printed with the right material. The weight turned out quite good (87g with hardware and w/o screws).Not much more than a regular carbon racing frame. I flew around 30 Packs so far without any issues. Crash resistance seems fine but i didn't have any really hard impacts yet.

To get the necessary stiffness I used carbon fiber reinforced PLA at 100% infill. Regular PLA will probably work just fine too although crash resistance might be worse. Haven't tried other materials yet...

Frame Specs:

5 or 5.1 Inch
Strech X
87g with 20mm alloy standoffs
20x20 and 30.5x30.5 mounts
SMA Antenna Mount
19mm Micro Cam mount
16x16 motor mounts & space for 23xx motors



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Kstone   Oct 29, 2020  

You should give a Nylon print a try. Its very Strong yet flexible, which gives it properties that are ideal for quads.

QuadStar Drones   Jan 03, 2019  

I like this design a lot!!! I'll have to try it now that I have a 3d printer

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QuadStar Drones   Jan 03, 2019 

Thanks! I still have to give 3D printed frames a try. I just got one 1.5 weeks ago, so I'm new to it and I've only used PLA. This guy said polycarbonate works well: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/15694#c23803

Dave_C FPV   Jan 03, 2019 

Yeah same for me I got my first printer a few weeks ago so I don't have too many filaments yet to experiemt with. Carbon Nylon ist the one I'll try next. Carbon PLA made me quite optimistic that we can get to a more or less decent stability / weight ratio even for 5". Not as good as classic carbon frames but who cares when you can print as many spare parts as you like...

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 13, 2019 

Well... I HAD to catch some 2204 2722KV Hyperlites for ~half off, and similarly... Ima have to build one of these too (because of course I'm buiding that Calimero right now (Hey Ryan... gonna put that extra 20mm ARX canopy on it =])). Well, there goes my "I'm not gonna build any more quads this year" resolution. It's hard.... when your bored and you have a bank balance.

kwadkenstine   Jun 09, 2019  

hi. can you please do a nother post of this cause it needs to be seen by more people than just us trolls

Dave_C FPV   Jun 10, 2019 

I have a new build of the 3“ version coming soon

Jarrod   Feb 24, 2019  

hey man , this looks awesome. I am totslly new to this, what type of battredo you use? thanks!

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Dave_C FPV   Feb 25, 2019 

4 in 1 ESC... No need for PDB.

Dave_C FPV   Feb 25, 2019 

Just check out the links :-)

Jarrod   Feb 25, 2019 

Had no idea! Appreciate the help!

RoadRunnerRC   Jan 07, 2019  

Unfortunately I can't print it due to it not fitting on my tevo taranrula's bed. very interesting though!

RoadRunnerRC   Jan 03, 2019  

I think i might give it a go in petg. will be interesting to see how it is. shuld be a bit more durable although a bit less stiff.

Jodie Froster   Dec 26, 2018  

This looks amazing, i'm printing one out right now.

Dave_C FPV   Dec 27, 2018 

Nice! looking forward to see other builds :-)

Jodie Froster   Jan 01, 2019 

So I printed one in PLA, and I don't love how much I can flex it with my hands (though it looks sweet in the orange I used with black hardware). Would you link me the filament that you printed that in?

Dave_C FPV   Jan 02, 2019 

There you go: https://icefilaments.com/material/carbon/
But honestly I havent had the time to test alternatives. I need to get some Carbon Nylon next.
Btw thanks for your feedback! Maybe I will have to come a with a beefier Version 1.1 that works with less exotic materials...

The Van   Dec 31, 2018  

Wow this is sick. Great work!

eduenlamer   Dec 29, 2018  

I've got to print one!

Rice_Bowl   Dec 25, 2018  

thats a reallllyy smart design dude! i can see where you got some inspiration hahaha but its a great concept to put into 3d printing. got flight vids?

Dave_C FPV   Dec 26, 2018 

Thanks man! Here's some DVR footage btw.

TeamWolfFPV   Dec 25, 2018  

Super cool setup! Is your design available for download? And how is the frame dealing with general crashes so far?

Dave_C FPV   Dec 26, 2018 

Sure there is a link to thingyverse in the parts list you can get all the files there. So far it holds up just fine! That carbon PLA material is surpringly strong. Also durability is not as much of an issue if you can simply print a new frame in a few hours..

erikspen   Dec 25, 2018  

Out of curiosity, roughtly how much would printing one off Thingiverse cost?

Dave_C FPV   Dec 26, 2018 

material cost is less than $2 to print a frame

buildflycrash   Dec 25, 2018  

I started out with printed frames! This design looks pretty awsome, great work.

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