Long range DRAGON 7” Aka ( lrd7)

By Gene-machine on Feb 12, 2018

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I designed this frame to be a long range cruiser. That i can do basic tricks with. Its not really ment to be a bullet proof racer. She is built around crossfire link and 1.3 vtx. Alot of the parts are 3d printed, and makes for rappid prototyping very easy. Its an A TAIL design with the wing at an 30 degree angle of attack.

Update :upgraded to diversity crsf receiver and decased it. I removed the pins from the receiver and solder the connections on direct.i also remov d the sma connectors and extended with home made pig tails to have the diversity antennas come off the sides. Theres alos the drone tracker in there nust in case i get a little too far



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adarkthinline   Feb 13, 2018  

THAT IS AN AWESOME FRAME!!! Is it possible to purchase this frame when you have completed the design?

Gene-machine   Feb 13, 2018 

If eventually when i am happy with the design i will maybe start selling the frame.

Watsamatta   Feb 13, 2018 

Sign me up for that as well. I'll happily purchase one :).

Gene-machine   Nov 05, 2018 

hello there i have recently made a version 2 of my long range design. i currently have multiple frames that are ready for purchase.message me if you have any questions.

cpitch   Sep 22, 2018  

Today while researching my future build, I ran accross this site and your build. I am a beginner and have decided to use your build as a template for my own. If you care to offer any suggestion or criticism please feel free for I am here to learn.

iggut   Jun 26, 2018  

What kind of flight times do you get on that battery and what are your longest flights with bigger batteries? Please and thank you!

Dangergus   May 04, 2018  

Agreed, love the futuristic frame design. I'm interested if you're at the point to sell.

Jodie Froster   Feb 15, 2018  

Holy $h1t man..... High fives all around on this one

Xudus   Feb 14, 2018  

This looks very similar to my friend's frame called the carbon hornet. http://revaerial.com/carbon-hornet-2b-frame/

Gene-machine   Feb 14, 2018 

Yes it does. The underslung battery is a good design in my opinion. Gives the frame great center of Gravity.

Watsamatta   Feb 12, 2018  

What's the All Up Weight, and what's the flight time on whatever battery size you use? Beautiful build!

Gene-machine   Feb 12, 2018 

I cant remember the weight exactly but it wasnt light. I am currently cutting out 2mm side plates and redesigning some of the parts. It should save me some weight. I am able to fit 2800mah battery on there and have perfect cg. I was able to get 10 min flight time out lf the 2800,but shes on the heavy side,so that may limit me . I am currently looking to see if i can squeeze a bigger battery in there.

leigerreign   Feb 12, 2018 

Do you think the A TAIL design hurts efficiency?

Gene-machine   Feb 13, 2018 

From what i can tell it is marginal. The rear motor angle is set too 15* nothing crazy, And the fc should compensate if anything. I think the key factor in this is weight. Which i am currently working on. But i keep finding goodies to stuff in there so 1 step forward 2 back lol. I came close to dailing in the pid tune which gave me good flight characteristics before she failsafed and crashed into tree.

QuadStar Drones   Feb 13, 2018  

That's a sexy beast. I've always wanted to do something like this (wild looking and futuristic), but I don't think I could ever make anything comparable. Excellent design!

troodon   Feb 12, 2018  

Wow very sick. Love the frame design.

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