About Us

RotorBuilds gives FPV hobbyists an opportunity to plan and share their drone builds. With hundreds of new builds posted every month you're bound to find inspiration for your next project. Then when it's complete you can share it with others. The site features an extensive database of FPV parts, prices and stores. This data is constantly in flux and our part finder aims to feature the most popular frames, flight controllers, and cameras based on a combination of popularity and freshness. The build editor aims to make data entry easy and fun and walks you through the entire process of mocking up your build to sharing the final product.

RotorBuilds began in 2015 as a simple tool to share part lists. After hundreds of hours of development it has grown into a social platform and link organizing engine. This engine scrapes and parses links from nearly every FPV store in the world. Users post thousands of links every month and those links are checked regularly for price changes and product availability. They're then compared and normalized to tally build counts for the part finder.

I'm Scott Aikin and I built RotorBuilds from the ground up. I've been doing web development for over 20 years and have a degree in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. Web development is my passion. I do web consulting while maintaining RotorBuilds full time. To fund this project the site adds afflilate tracking codes to relevant links. This only occurs for a small handful of stores and does not affect the user experience what-so-ever. I hope to continue work on this site as long as there is interest in FPV. It's been a wild ride and I thank you all for your support! Contact me to discuss any potential business proposals or just say hi!